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Download MSQRD apk

MSQRD apk: The revolution in selfie world. You can not imagine what this app can do. It has changed the way to take selfie. If you are not yet familiar with video/animated selfie then welcome to MSQRD world.
I love selfie. Whats about you. Oh sorry. As you are reading this post, it is obvious that you are like me. Now a daystaking selfie has become a fashion. We can see that on social sites like facebook, twitter etc.
Do you ever heard that you can now take video selfie. Yes, I am not kidding. With MSQRD android app you can do this awesome thing. This is really amazing. You can not believe that how charming it is. Lets see some screenshots of this app:

Key Features of MSQRD APK:

  • – Take Photo/Video selfie
  • – Selfie with animation
  • – 3D masks and face effects
  • – Directly share on social networks

At first download the app from the link below:
Filesize: 55.2 mb
Version: 1.5.1

Take photo/video selfie:

We are all familiar with photo selfie. But may not be with video selfie. On MSQRD there are two modes. Photo and video selfie. You can switch to any mode by clicking to the camera and camcorder icons.

 Selfie with animation:

You are able to animate your face with the built in effects. You can change the effects simultaneously. All of your funny faces will be saved.

3D Mask Effect:

The most charming aspect of MSQRD is auto 3D Mask effects. You can select any mask and rotate your camera besides your face. You will see that the mask stay still on your face. It will not be misplaced. It will always give you the perfect result. It seems that you really put the mask on your face. It will give you the real feelings.

Directly share on social networks:

After taking a selfie you will see the option to share the photo/video to your social timeline. That is cool, right?msqrd-apk-7

How to use:

Using MSQRD is very easy. There is no single option that you will not understand. But if you are a newbie of android then you may need to know something. At first, download and install the app from the above mentioned links. Then open the app from the menu. After opening it will use the front camera by default. You can change the camera by clicking on the rotate icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Put the camera onto your face. You will see a drawing of face on your screen. Put your face inside the drawing and see the magic. Your face will be transformed with the first mask. If you want to change the mask then scroll the masks and select which one do you want to apply. By default it will take still image. But if you want to video then select the video icon located at the bottom of the screen. Here is a video tutorial for your reference: 

How it works:

It is a common question of MSQRD users after seeing the magics that "How it is even possible?". Actually they are using the latest world class 3D image/video mapping technology. People who has no experience about 3D graphic design/Animation this is really hard to understand the process. But fortunately I have some practical experience with 3Ds Max; one of the most popular 3D animation program. When you put your face into the mapping area visible on your android screen it will detect your eyes, nose and lips. Then it will transform your face elements with it's built in elements. And the output is amazing. You see that your face has been totally warped. Actually MSQRD wire framed  your face and then converted it's elements with it's own. In fact MSQRD is a small 3D graphic design tool in my opinion. What say you?

MSQRD vs Other apps:

There are hundreds of camera or selfie apps on android market. But unfortunately all of them are for still image selfie purpose. There is still no video selfie app yet which can compete with MSQRD. There is another thing which can not be ignored. The pricing. There are some really good selfie app like Camera+, CamMe, Facetune etc. But you have pay them to use their app. On the other hand MSQRD is totally free and always will be.
It is totally FREE of charge. Though you may see some in app purchase (IAP) when using the app. As it is becoming a part of Facebook we can expect that it will stay free in future too. May be there are some third party add ons of MSQRD APK which may be PAID.
There are some limitations as well as bad sides of the. Such as the video length has been limited to only 5 minutes. This is not expected. Another thing that I hate most is phone becomes slow when using this app. May be this is happening because my RAM is small in size. But if you have a bigger ram then you need not to worry about this. Another thing I have already mentioned on above lines. There are a very small amount of built in masks. We hope on the upcoming versions it will be increased.

MSQRD Joining Facebook:

The Masquared group has announced that they are going to join with Facebook. It's their massive chance to reach the great audience of nearly 1.6 billion people. It is not clear that is facebook cooperating with MSQRD? Or MSQRD releasing FB app. But I think they are developing a fb app. After releasing the app people will be able use their app directly on fb. It will be lot more fun.
MSQRD has been developed by the Masquerade technology. This android app is very new in the market. It has been released only 3 months ago. Within this time it has been downloaded over 1 billion times. Here is the official site of MSQRD. Another good news is this app is joining facebook. In the upcoming future MSQRD will be a facebook app. That means you can use this app directly on facebook. This is a good news for facebook fans. Ok, lets enjoy MSQRD and make fun with your friends.

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